Privacy Policy

How we handle your personal information

We do not collect your personal information unless you use the Web Publishing function.

We do allow you to share your content with social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter which requires authentication, and we do allow you to access third party services such as Dropbox and Photoshelter. In all those cases we do not retain any information such as your user name for those services or any other personal information that might be gained from your access to those services.

If you do decide to use the Web Publishing function then its whole purpose is to publish your personal data, such as your bio, your pictures and your portfolio on the internet. In that case, we do not control access to that once you have published it globally to the internet. If you choose to delete your personal data from the Web Publishing system we do not retain it.

For web publishing we DO retain your email address as your personal identifier, but we will not sell this to a third party for the purpose of email marketing

For any further enquiries about our privacy policy please contact us at